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Worry is what happens when you point the power of your imagination in a negative, destructive direction. And any time there is cause for worry, there is even more cause for real hope. Look up: https://motivationgrid.com/powerful-speech/

You can choose, each moment, where to direct the power of your imagination. So choose to direct it toward the bright and the beautiful, toward that which you most hope for instead of that which you most fear.

Because where your imagination dares to journey, your reality will soon follow. All the places you are able to reach, you reach first with your imagination.

When worry seems to consume your every thought, remember that it does not have to be so. That powerful pull of imagination can just as surely be focused on the positive possibilities. Look up: https://www.abqjournal.com/1162276/pictures-of-hope-puts-students-dreams-in-focus.html

For every worry there is an even more real and compelling hope with which to fill your fertile imagination. Imagine the very best and that is where your efforts will lead.

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